You Are the Weaker Side in a War You Don’t Even Know Is Going On

You Are the Weaker Side in a War You Don’t Even Know Is Going On

Everybody needs beauty as well as bread, places to play in and pray in, where nature may heal and give strength to body and soul.
– John Muir, Scottish-American naturalist, author, environmental philosopher and early advocate of preservation of wilderness (1838-1914)

[DISCLOSURE: This is a rant. It is filled with personal opinion based on the science I have read and the facts on the ground as I have observed them. You can do anything from rage in disagreement to nod your head in agreement to learning more about these situations before you lose the war against your health and welfare.]

You are an innocent victim in a war going on around you that you might not be aware of. Yes, it sounds like a conspiracy theory. But in this case the evidence is clear and irrefutable. I will not trouble you with the science (study references) here for the sake of simplicity. If you doubt anything, check it out.

Perhaps the most significant characteristic of your life that has not been taught to you by your doctor, your schools or even what you learn from television or the internet is that you are not just one being. What you consider to be you is the host for billions of tiny microbes, bacteria for the most part, that inhabit virtually every part of your body.

It’s called your immune system. That’s right. Your immune system is actually not part of the cell structure of your body. They are independent organisms that live in symbiosis with you. You can’t live without them and they can’t live without you.

Does that sound creepy? That’s what doctors and the media believe you will think. They believe you will appreciate remaining ignorant about what may be the most important part of your body, certainly the one that keeps you alive every day.

Science can’t tell you how many or even how many varieties of microbes compose your immune system. The reason is that it varies from individual to individual. There could be as many as 10,000 different varieties of microbes in your immune system with anything up to billions of each. If you have a healthy immune system. Which you may very well not have.

Shouldn’t your doctor be able to correct your immune system’s deficiencies? Yes. But they don’t. Antibiotics, indeed most pharmaceuticals prescribed by your doctor will impair or even destroy your immune system. Antibiotics are microbe killers. Trouble is, they kill hundreds of times more good microbes than bad. Yes, antibiotics and most pharmaceuticals (especially the most popular ones) harm your immune system. Drugs kill the wrong things. And you believe the doctors.

If you know a little about good health and the immune system you will likely know that fresh fruits and vegetables will boost your immune system. But conventional industrial farms commonly use pesticides (poisons), herbicides (poisons) and chemical fertilizers on the very same “fresh” fruits and vegetables you will see for sale in your supermarket. Nobody knows what effects the chemical fertilizers will have on your health years later. Nobody ever tests for that. Nobody.

You will have heard of GMO (genetically modified organisms) foods and GE (genetically engineered) foods–same thing, different terms in different countries–and likely read how safe they are. The producers of those chemicals that are put on the seeds they produce that accept those poisons create studies that show how safe the poisons are. But are they? The tests are notorious sources for conflict of interest. Independent studies, which receive little or no attention in the media (that profit from the chemical and pharmaceutical companies–same companies really) become buried, hidden from a public that deserves to know.

Farm workers who apply the chemicals must wear hazardous materials suits that completely enclose their entire bodies.The most famous is Roundup, by Monsanto. Its main active ingredient–glyphosate, claimed to be perfectly safe (yes, a poison they claim is safe)–has been found in mother’s breast milk, in baby foods, in vaccines, in fresh organic foods, in most chemically treated city drinking water, in air samples in a majority of cities, virtually everywhere.

GMO food crops and seeds have been banned in a large number of countries of the world. Glyphosate and similar poisons have been banned in a large number of countries. Banned because they are carcinogens, chemicals that cause cancer. Yet you can buy Roundup freely over the counter in the USA and Canada. And when you apply it you are not required by law to wear a HAZMAT suit like the industrial farmers do. You aren’t even advised to wear a mask or apply it downwind.

Generally speaking, mold, bacteria, insects and many larger animals will avoid eating a majority of food that is available in a supermarket. Some will avoid it even when they are starving because they do not recognize it as “food.” The poison itself is so effective that it kills every living organism in the soil. Everything. How do you think that affects the food chain whose larger organisms feed you?

People are finding themselves allergic to the clothes they buy and the new furniture and draperies they install in heir homes. Others find themselves ill in other ways, including cancer, from the chemicals embedded in the fabric to make it “look better.” You can ask your doctor about any of this.

Your government likely warns you about climate change and advises you that your car emits too much greenhouse gases. Your government does not tell you that airplanes–many fewer than cars–emit almost as much greenhouse gas as cars. They also do not tell you that one of the greatest sources of greenhouse gases is power generating stations that account for almost one-quarter of all emitted greenhouse gases. Those power stations are usually owned by the same governments that want you to cut back on driving your car.

If there is something wrong that is a public hazard, you may be assured that a government will blame you for it. That will distract you from the fact that governments are the greatest hazards to health on the planet. They do not protect you from air pollution. They do not protect you from water pollution. They will not enact legislation that will make your food free from hazardous ingredients. They will not insist on proof that new drugs–always man-made chemicals, never natural products grown in nature–are safe. Testing of new drugs is from three months to a year, usually. Yet they could affect your health years later. You will never know and never suspect it when you are dying and don’t know why.

If you live in a democracy, you vote for the people who make decisions that affect your life and your health and your future. Legislators are ordinary people like you and me. They often make a lot of critically important decisions based on very limited input. Often that input comes from the very people who stand to benefit from their decisions. Or from lobbyists who are paid by the stakeholders.

You should learn. You should teach your legislators. Without your pestering, they may not even know the harm their decisions will make.

You should not be the victim of their ignorance or neglect. Nor should you allow yourself to be a victim of your own ignorance.

Bill Allin in the author of Turning It Around: Causes and Cures for Today’s Epidemic Social Problems, a book about inexpensive and easy solutions that people are not taking to overcome serious problems. The “war against health” is a serious social problem. He has authored hundreds of articles that are available free on the internet.
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TV Commercials Can Ruin Your Life and Health

TV Commercials Can Ruin Your Life and Health

The question for me was, could TV actually teach? I knew it could, because I knew 3-year-olds who sang beer commercials!
– Joan Ganz Cooney, American television producer, one of the founders of Sesame Workshop, home of Sesame Street (b. 1929)

[DISCLOSURE: The purpose for this article is to make readers aware of the effects of following life and health advice offered by TV commercials. These are science based facts, not opinions. The science part is left out to make it easier to read.]

Children, adolescents, even adults learn about life and life skills by watching television. As odd as that may sound, they have few other convenient sources for information they need. Today’s parents literally know almost nothing about parenting and the needs of children other than food, clothing and shelter.

For most of human history children learned about life from their parents and neighbours as they worked and played alongside their parents in fields and workshops. Today children are separated from their parents for almost all of their waking day, leaving surrogates to do the job of teaching them about life.

TV fills that role magnificently as it seeks to mold the minds of children to become devoted consumers of particular products as they get old enough to spend money. The prime objective of programming is to entertain people long enough that they will stay around for the next set of commercials.

But what are television commercials teaching? Is it worthwhile life advice? No. Do parents realize that they have turned the job of teaching almost everything their children learn over to pathological commercial interests who want people to follow what they teach with the same devotion as people give to their religions or their preferred political party? Again, no.

First, I want you to think about all the TV programs you know. Which among them has role models you believe children should follow? Of course we need buffoons to laugh at and actors to play conflicted characters for drama. Would you change lives with any of them?

As you think about the TV programs you know, one that would interest kids, adolescents or poorly educated adults, can you think of any you would like to represent life in your home or workplace? Even one? I can’t.

TV news is filled with violence and perversion. Shows that emphasize personalities tend to have them conflicting among themselves. Comedies show people with personality problems, social problems, even mental illnesses (never identified as such). Dramas (mostly soaps) show people with lives that no one would want to emulate.

Commercials are where real life teaching takes place. Commercials pay the freight for programming. And they are often better produced. Their messages are meant to be taken literally, also to create a long term following. That’s why you see the same commercials repeated over and over. And over. And over. As a hypnotist would do when putting a volunteer into a trance. The rule of thumb in TV advertising is feed the same message to people ten times or more and they will believe it. Anything.

Let’s set aside anything to do with political or religious advertising as it is filled with so much brain twisting propaganda and distortions of truth that networks and stations should be required to flash warning signs before and after them. Networks don’t bother big advertisers because there is too much income at risk.

Let’s begin our look at commercials for personal care at the top. Hair care companies may have done the most and best research about hair care than any commercial product manufacturer. But their products only heal what other products have broken. In fact, most hair would be best treated with a simple soap wash every few days. The hair of a person who eats a healthy diet will look good so long as the natural elements of hair are not stripped away by chemicals. Wash, rinse with clear water, then leave the hair alone for a few days, other than brushing.

Any commercials to do with mouth care are deceptive, if not outright harmful. I have not seen one teeth brushing commercial in decades that shows a person brushing their teeth in a way that would avoid cavities. On the contrary, the ones I have seen would promote cavities and sensitive teeth. Neither is necessary, but both keep other industries like dentistry and teeth cleaners alive and flourishing.

The mouth (along with the skin) is a secondary part of the body’s immune system. After the major immune system component in the gut, the mouth is the first line of defense against attack by diseases. Kill all microbes in your mouth and you destroy one component of your immune system. Wash your body with soap thoroughly in a daily shower and you will decimate another part. Take doctor-prescribed antibiotics and you will destroy the major component of your immune system. That’s what these products you see advertised do. The advertisers make fortunes on your devotion to their somewhat or totally harmful products. Your doctor will come to know you intimately from your frequent visits.

Skin care products are a travesty against good skin health. To begin, cosmetics for women produce a look that studies have shown men do not prefer over the look of no cosmetics. Men know that cosmetics mean “fake” and act accordingly. Women who claim that they make themselves up to make themselves feel better have self esteem issues. Are they trying to compete for attention with other women or attract them?

Clothing fashions are another issue of brainwashing. A man or woman who believes that he or she performs better at work because they look better is a victim of effective advertising and self deception. Most bosses look at job performance before apparel. Should you be known for your good looks or your job skills?

Teeth whitening was originally used by movie actors to make them stand out from other actors on set. Teeth whitening, like fashion and cosmetics, was an industry founded by people who wanted to sell something that people did not need, except to impress others. Generally speaking, those with real talent and skill do not subscribe to that kind of fake.

People who whiten their teeth to look better in real life do indeed stand out. They stand out as being needy, prepared to do anything to get attention. Anyone who chooses a life mate based on white teeth, fashionable clothing, beautiful makeup, type of footwear or kind of car driven is bound for breakup when the fake wears off. Yet that is what TV commercials teach in North America, where the divorce rate is now well over 50% and a majority of kids in school classrooms live in single parent households.

Generally speaking, if you depend on TV commercials or programs to tell you how to live your life you will live a troubled life. And probably in debt.

When you think about buying something you have seen advertised on TV, remember that the choice is yours. Will the long term disadvantage of harm to you outweight the short term benefits? Of this you may be certain, the advertiser always wins. The advertiser has no obligation to benefit you, only to make you believe that you will benefit from the product. What will you believe?

You may think that what you have just read is opinion by one person. It’s not. I don’t care what you do or wear or how you live your life. That is your business not mine. I don’t have time or interest in meddling in your life.

I do take an interest in helping people to think about choices they make, what effects those choices have on themselves and on others. If you “dress for success” to impress others, you will have bought into the model that industry leaders want. You will be a follower, not a leader. A consumer, not an independent innovator.

Bill Allin is the author of Turning It Around: Causes and Cures for Today’s Epidemic Social Problems, a book about inexpensive solutions to major social problems. If you have hear the word “sheeple” you understand that what you have read above is indeed a social issue.
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Why The Food You Eat Is Dead

Why The Food You Eat Is Dead

I certainly feel that the time is not far distant when a knowledge of the principles of diet will be an essential part of one’s education. Then mankind will eat to live, be able to do better mental and physical work and disease will be less frequent.
– Fannie Farmer, American culinary expert (1857-1915)

Sadly, Fannie Farmer was mistaken. We did not learn because the knowledge we need was not incorporated into our education system. In our ignorance, while we were busy with other things, the food, drug and chemical industries collaborated to make us a sick society, one that would forever be dependant on doctors and drugs. Or, in the case of the poor, dependant on dying as a form of relief.

Could this be true? Is it even possible? Does it sound like a conspiracy theory? Yes to all. The evidence is all around us. Cancer, muscular dystrophy, autoimmune diseases, viral infections are commonplace today whereas they were rare just a couple of generations ago.

There must be some explanation. We live in a world–in the west known as a rich world–filled with people with poor health, with compromised health problems that impact every day of their lives. We have all the food we want, we have the ability to exercise and get advice about how to live healthy lives, but we don’t and can’t.

We rush around making money but never take the time to develop our greatest source of wealth, our health. Inevitably, our accumulated wealth goes to pay for the consequences of our poor health practices.

These problems were not common in the past. Our ancestors had many problems but illnesses from today’s most common diseases were not prominent among them. There must be something we don’t know. We need to change or we will be unhealthy with illness and physical incapacities ourselves. It will happen. It is happening around us. If not to ourselves than to others we know.

There are a few who know, a multitude who don’t know and a massive number who are in denial. “It couldn’t be that bad.” “They wouldn’t do that to us.” Yes, alas, they would. All for the sake of profit.

Denial that a problem exists is the worst problem we have. Until we admit that we have a problem with the food we eat, the beverages we drink, the water we drink and use every day and the air we breathe every moment, we will have no way to address our own health.

We can begin by learning about the studies that have been done that show exactly how the factors just listed impact our lives in negative ways. Thanks to the internet this task is easy. Not fast, but easy if you want to take the time to learn. It is, after all, your life we are talking about. How long you will live. How healthy or sick and impaired you will be in the last decades of your life.

You can begin learning about how what is happening around you and what you eat (not the quantity or the foods themselves but the quality of them) has such a negative effect on your life. You can begin with this video presentation. Dr. Tent’s presentation (2 hr.)

Dr. R.E. Tent is a doctor of naturopathy and chiropractic. He has nothing to sell in his videos. His purpose is to inform. To inform those who wish to learn. There will always be those who deny that the food they eat could be as lacking in nutrients (that used to be natural and normal but are no longer) and often harmful. Dr. Tent has no interest in arguing with these people. He has patients to heal. He shows you how in the video.

If you prefer to learn through videos, I recommend that you go to and search the word “health”.

If you are up to learning by reading, put “nutrition health” into your favourite search engine.

But first watch Dr. Tent’s video to learn why you need to learn so much about how your health is being damaged and how you can fix it.

Bill Allin is the author of Turning It Around: Causes and Cures for Today’s Epidemic Social Problems, a book about cheap and easy ways to improve our lives by making changes in our education systems. And, yes, poor health is a severe social problem.
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Your Food Is Not As Good As You Think

Your Food Is Not As Good As You Think

The hospitals and graveyards are filled with those who refused to acknowledge the virtues of physical morality.
– Dr Ron Spallone,

Imagine you own some slaves. Bear with me, this is only a hypothetical example to make a point.

You want your slaves to be happy and healthy at the beginning because you know they will work best for your advantage that way. You give them weekends off, holidays, provide health care, forms of entertainment.

People around you claim you are wasting the potential of your possessions because you aren’t working them harder. At first you resist. But you see the others making far more money than you.

First you cut out the holidays. Then the weekends off. You make them work every hour there is daylight. You don’t bother with health care any more because there are always more slaves to buy. Entertainment becomes something for you and your family, not for your slaves. They have a job, a purpose, and that is to work.

Eventually they become exhausted beyond recovery. You pump them full of medicines and power drinks, but they never recover. They die and their families die along with them. Neglect and abuse.

Now let’s replace the slaves in our example with fields owned by a farmer. When I was a kid I lived in a rural farming area. Every field lay fallow once every three years, four at most. Fields needed rest in order to recover their health and vigor. Often farmers would plant crops such as clover that they would then plough under to fertilize the field. There would be no profit from that field that year.

Today there is no such thing as a field without a crop, unless it is pasture. There is no such thing as leaving a field fallow. Every field must produce every year. Crops must produce as much return as possible every year. The ground is tired, exhausted.

What about the health of the field? Fertilizer has become the power beverage that keeps every field going every year. But what about pests? Ah, we have pesticides, poisons we put on our crops to look after the pests.

And weeds? No problem, we have poisonous herbicides for that. In fact, we have chemical poisons that kill every living thing in a field. Everything it touches. And, as it happens, every bird and other small animal that eats whatever the herbicide has killed. Those birds and other animals won’t eat our final crop produce.

This stuff is sprayed on the food you eat. You avoid packaged and canned foods because you don’t want to ingest added preservatives since preservatives do exactly the opposite in your body of what you want to happen to the food you eat. You eat produce you buy fresh from the market. Everyone says that is best for you.

That produce is grown with poisons. The worst among the produce products are apples and potatoes. Apples are sprayed with poisons before the blossoms even begin to grow into fruit. Then several more times before harvest. Much the same happens with potatoes. When clean, these are among the healthiest foods you can eat. But how clean are they when they are sprayed with poisons several times?

The agriculture industry, chemical industry and government agriculture departments all claim the food is safe to eat. Because nobody dies from eating it. At least not within the few months or years after they eat it.

Even if you buy organically produced fruits and vegetables, they most likely come from tired ground, exhausted ground, dirt lacking many of the nutrients you expect to get when you buy fresh produce. Look at the foods that are “fortified” with vitamins and minerals. Why were these added? Because they were grown in ground that was nearly devoid of the microbial life that makes food nutritious. You may choose to supplement the food you eat with products that will give you what you should have gotten from your food.

Look at the proliferation of cancer. Cancer doesn’t grow quickly. It takes decades to blossom in your body. A sunburn you got as a kid becomes a form of skin cancer when you reach middle age. Decades later. Other forms of cancer, prompted by poisoned foods, also take decades to become dangerous or lethal.

Poisoned foods are never tested over decades. Usually their “safety” is tested over months, not even years. Some chemical companies claim that their poisons have disappear after being sprayed on a field only a day earlier. Those who applied it wear HAZMAT suits. You won’t find any kind of life, birds or any other animals, anywhere near these fields. Yet you are expected to believe the products grown in those fields is safe for you and your children and grandchildren to eat.

Your government tells you the food you buy is safe. The same government pays out fortunes every year in tax money to care for people who ate that “safe” food for decades.

In the market organic food is often more expensive than “conventional” produce. So you pay a little bit less now only to find that you have to drain every bit of savings and capital you have later to pay for your very costly health care.

No economist would call that a good investment. Those people who ate carelessly for many years never speak up to warn you about the ill health and expenses they suffer during the last few decades of their lives. Yes, they are living longer thanks to advances in medicine. But they are not living health, active and happy lives. They are existing.

By no means are all elderly people unhealthy. Some are anything but. Active, involved in volunteer work, hobbies and social groups. But nursing homes and care facilities always have waiting lists that never get smaller.

There are many old people in our communities. We and government tend to think of them as burdens on society. Rarely does anyone associate their ill health with unhealthy practices, especially in what they eat or ate in past decades.

That’s the way the human body works. It takes decades for abuse or neglect to show up as ill health.

Take the time now to search out what foods are healthy and where you can acquire them. It will pay off well for you in years to come.

Bill Allin is the author of Turning it Around: Causes and Cures for Today’s Epidemic Social Problems, a book about cheap and easily implemented solutions to problems that cost you a lot of tax money. Poor eating habits is a major social problem.
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Who Lied to You Today? Your Immune System

Who Lied to You Today? Your Immune System

Nature is a numbers game. We need all the support we can get as our immune systems and health are under assault from pollution, stress, contaminated food and age-related diseases as our lifespans increase.
– Paul Stamets, world’s preeminent expert on mushrooms–he has more viable ways to save our planet and our health than most people can imagine

I struggled with the title for this article. You will soon see why. No physicians, no government health “experts,” no journalists and very few researchers will dare to tell you what you are about to read about your immune system. I mean that sincerely. They are afraid to tell you. So be prepared to be shocked.

Your grandparents knew nothing about immune systems. Your parents’ generation knew very little because the whole concept was new to the medical community they learned from. Good health was still more good luck than good management.

You probably know far more than any generation before you. Yet what you think you know is likely wrong, at least inaccurate. Bear with me as this may be uncomfortable, even ugly, for you.

What you know as YOU, the living entity with your name, is not just one being. The only part that is distinctly YOU is your personality or, as some might say, your soul. Are your own body cells not YOU? Maybe, but maybe not. Read on.

The biggest part of what you think of as YOU is comprised of the cells of your body. They, even together, are only a small minority of the living entities that live together inside your skin. A majority of the rest is bacteria, though some are actually beneficial viruses. A large majority of them–about 80%–live in your gut. Specifically in your colon, your large intestine. Yes, the place where you store your poop before you excrete it from your body.

Uncomfortable yet? These microbiota, along with those on your skin, in your mouth, around or in every organ of your body and in every orifice are what mot people think of as their immune system. That’s right, your immune system is NOT part of the cells of your body. It works in coordination with the cells of your body.

These microbiota, what advertisements seem to call germs to be gotten rid of, and what antibiotics and other contaminants kill freely, live in symbiosis with the cells of your body. There are trillions of them. At least as many as you have cells, most scientists say ten times as many as you have cells, some say as much as 100 times as many as you have cells.

Why the apparent differences in number? Because so often what you eat or take as medical prescriptions kills so many of them, all at once. You can’t live without them. I mean you would die without them. Not just from infection due to lack of ability to fight off disease.

Upset these little guys with a bad diet and they react as if they are under attack. They can actually allow disease (such as cancer) to spread in a desperate attempt to get rid of what they don’t like, what does not allow them to thrive.

Science now considers these microbiota so important that it considers them, collectively, as a second brain. You read that right. Just recently the link between the microbiota in the gut (yes, found in your poop as well as around it) and your brain was discovered. Your two brains work together.

I should emphasize here that your brain is yours, comprised of your own cells. Your other brain is not. Is your head brain all you? Your DNA is composed of genetic material that comes largely from bacteria, in our distant human past. Some strands of DNA have come from viruses. Since your DNA produces the cells of your body, are your own body cells all YOU or just another part of a composite mega-organism comprised of trillions of parts that live in interdependent symbiosis?

Should your second brain not protect you against cancer? Usually it does. Research on this is still in early stages, but it seems that your second brain allows cancer cells to grow and spread as a kind of defence against other invasions, other health problems. Cancer cells and other diseases, it seems, can kill other body invaders. But, like allergies, sometimes the defenders take over and kill the main body itself. The military calls that collateral damage.

Why can’t the protectors be stopped? Maybe they can. The protectors are powerful. What would you do to try to stop a powerful killing machine such as the US military if the US military were attacking you and your people? The problem is no less complicated than that.

We know very little about how our own brain, the one that is comprised of our own body cells, works. What we know about how our second brain, the one in our gut, is almost nothing. We do know that when we feed it a diet it doesn’t like it becomes our enemy. A deadly enemy.

That second brain also has a great deal to do with mood, our feeling of well-being, even our attitude toward life. It likely is more powerful than our own brain (the head one) in the sense that it can affect decisions we make, including those that risk our life, whether or not we break laws, how we make choices between right and wrong, even about addictive behaviours and suicide.

We know that our second brain is supposed to be an ally. That should cause us to want to support it, to strengthen it, not to kill it or weaken it.

I am not able to present evidence to support all of these claims here due to space requirements. You have starting places if you want to search to learn more yourself.

If you have comments or questions please feel free to write them. I will do my best to address them.

Bill Allin is the author of the book Turning It Around: Causes and Cures for Today’s Epidemic Social Problems and hundreds of articles which are available on the internet. Search for them using the author’s name.
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Your body Will Heal Itself If You Give It A Chance

Your body Will Heal Itself If You Give It A Chance

Your body has natural healing capacities that nobody in the field of medicine can pretend ultimately to understand. If you break a bone it will heal itself. All the doctor does is make sure the pieces of the bone are properly set back together.
– Wayne Dyer, American counseling psychotherapist and motivational speaker (born 1940)

The human species has not lasted as long as it has by pumping itself full of chemicals and vaccines. Yet that is exactly what we are doing at present. Another human species, Neanderthals, lived many times longer than homo sapiens has been around and never had vaccines or even much in the way of diseases (other than what they may have caught from eating diseased animals or spoiled food).
When I was a child every kid in every family had what was called childhood diseases. In fact, often mothers would closet all the children in her family together in a room with a sick sibling so that all the kids would get the same disease at once, getting the inconvenience of one childhood disease over in one big session.
It was called building an immune system. Today we have doctors pumping kids with vaccines, sometimes over 60 of them before the child goes to school, all in the name of helping the child’s immune system. In some jurisdictions, laws force this before children are allowed to enter school. What nature used to do free, now parents and their insurance plans pay for. Yet the kids have more problems than ever before in history.
Asthma and allergies at rates unheard of in the past. Autism many times greater than even 20 years ago. When I was a child I never experienced one other child who was autistic. The odd one had allergies, primarily in spring or fall. Nothing that held back his or her education.
Today we have schools that demand all kids’ lunches must be made at home with allergen-free products. Other schools demand that all lunches must be prepackaged with allergen-free products–nothing may be made at home. Some children, it is feared, could breathe the aroma of peanuts and die. These kids have immune systems that actually attack themselves.
Medical science now helps almost all children survive childhood. But the food they eat has poisons and unneeded antibiotics added before it leaves the farm. The apple, one of the naturally healthiest foods we can eat, is sprayed with poisons at the blossom stage, before the fruit even forms around the seed. Then it is sprayed with more poisons every two weeks until it is picked. Potatoes, the most common vegetable in the western diet, endures almost as much spraying with poisons before it is dug from the ground.
For those who care enough to buy foods that are clean of chemicals and poisons (herbicides, pesticides, chemical fertilizers–all poisons, as anything that ends in “ide” is) there are vegetables and fruits that are grown organically (without poisons or chemicals). Yet these cost more than the produce sprayed with poisons because the farmer must pay to prove that poisons have not been added to his or her product–certification is necessary before the producer can call the product organic. The farmer has to prove he has not added poisons to the food he sells, and pay to certify that proof.
Meat, poultry and their associated food products have been proven through many studies to cause weakness and failure of certain body organs, cancer and many other diseases that left untreated would cause death.
Not everyone is prepared to eat healthy. Eventually, over a few decades of ingesting poisons and unnatural chemicals, the body succumbs to one or more of a variety of syndromes (diseases doctors know nothing about), diseases and general weaknesses of health. We have more incidents of dementia, Alzheimer’s, diabetes and other afflictions common among older people than ever before in history.
Big pharmaceutical companies pay or bribe many doctors to prescribe antibiotics and other medicines that destroy the immune system, thus keeping people weak and depending on more chemicals for the last few decades of their lives. What their vaccines did not destroy in children, their prescription drugs will finish off in the middle ages and the elderly.
One of the “forever” drugs most commonly prescribed for people is statins to lower cholesterol. Older people need more cholesterol to carry poisons from their body cells. Statins, themselves proven to be health hazards (though approved by governments and doctors associations who are well paid for their endorsements) limit the ability of the body to remove poisons from cells by lowering cholesterol. Your doctor won’t tell you that if he or she is paid to prescribe statins.
Governments refuse to pass laws to prevent agriculture giants, pharmaceutical internationals and chemical corporates from harming our health so that they can extract greater profits from us. People who are sick, weak and have no significant immune systems left by the age of retirement are a vibrant and dependable source of profits for these companies. Sick old people are the proverbial cash cow.
Does the situation seem hopeless? It’s not. We need to use our bodies to get exercise so they do not atrophy from lack of use. And we need to find clean sources of food from organic farmers. With those two, we have little need for doctors because our bodies will heal themselves so long as we have an immune system left. Self healing is how nature works. This is not to say that doctors have no place, only that they must not be allowed to dominate the health of the elderly.
The future is not bleak. Things are changing as more and more people learn the truth about health and the lies they have been told for many years. Every region has a core of people who are actively working toward good health and clean sources of food. Find them. A variety of clean and nutritious food is the best preventative medicine you can buy.

Bill Allin is the author of Turning It Around: Causes and Cures for Today’s Epidemic Social Problems, a book of simple and cheap solutions for expensive problems. Bad health is a social problem because it affects so many people and adds huge costs to tax dollars.
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What Makes People Want to End Their Own Life

What Makes People Want to End Their Own Life

“The so-called ‘psychotically depressed’ person who tries to kill herself doesn’t do so out of ‘hopelessness’ or any abstract conviction that life’s assets and debits do not square. And surely not because death seems suddenly appealing. The person in whom its invisible agony reaches a certain unendurable level will kill herself the same way a trapped person will eventually jump from the window of a burning high-rise. Make no mistake about people who leap from burning windows, their terror of falling from a great height is still just as great as it would be for you or me standing speculatively at the same window just checking out the view; i.e. the fear of falling remains a constant. The variable here is the other terror, the fire’s flames: when the flames get close enough, falling to death becomes the slightly less terrible of two terrors. It’s not desiring the fall; it’s terror of the flames. And yet nobody down on the sidewalk, looking up and yelling ‘Don’t!’ and ‘Hang on!’, can understand the jump. Not really. You’d have to have personally been trapped and felt flames to really understand a terror way beyond falling.”
– David Foster Wallace, American writer and professor (1962-2008)
[Wallace hanged himself, at home, alone, on September 12, 2008]

This is easily the most difficult article I have ever written. It has taken me months to commit it to written text. It takes me somewhere I never wanted to visit again.

I hope to take you today somewhere you have never been. To have a shallow experience of something tragically deep so that you can better understand why suicide has been a taboo subject for so long. Then leave quickly, never to return.

Most of what you have likely read about suicide is wrong. The reason, simply, is that most writers about suicide consider that because anyone can kill themselves, anyone can write about it with authority. The reasoning is similar to that used by people who write about heaven. If you haven’t been there, you just don’t know.

The topic of suicide can be separated roughly into three categories. One is the kind where the victim is distraught, has great difficulty finding a secure place in life, makes what he or she knows is generally accepted as a means of killing yourself, but never intends to die. Such attempts usually attract the attention, or some attention, the person desperately needs but can’t get otherwise and rarely end in death.

This category is the one most people think of when they claim that depression is the mental illness that drove someone to end their life. This is the one where people say “Depression will end” and “Life will get better” and “Find someone who can help.” It’s a call for help that often goes unanswered once the emergency of the moment has passed.

This category is the one most people think causes people to end their lives, when what these people want most is to find someone who will help them to build a life. It is, in its simplest terms, a cry for help. A desperate cry.

These people can be talked out of their suicide attempt. They are most persuaded by the help line “Somebody does care about you, somebody does love you, somebody will miss you terribly if you die.” Later, when they recover and the attention has passed, they find that no one did care that much. So they make another attempt. Sometimes several attempts over a period of years. They seldom succeed because that is not their objective.

They lack the social and emotional/psychological skills that should be taught in schools, but aren’t. Even under care they are more likely to be given drugs than the skills they need to survive and build new lives.

A second category might be called failed attempts at coming close to death without actually dying. In a sense, thrill seeking. People indulging in this may overdose on drugs, even engage in a game where they intentionally asphyxiate themselves. They hope to “see the light” without having to walk into it, to experience coming dangerously close to death without having the inconvenience of dying. Inconvenience for others, of course, if they die, not for themeslves.

People who engage in this also lack social and/or emotional coping skills. Again, despite how basic these developmental streams are to life (the other two being physical and intellectual development), they are not taught in schools. Most parents know very little about these developmental streams, so can’t teach their own children.

Social and emotional skills are surprisingly easy to teach if a teacher knows what to teach and has permission to teach them. If you remember a couple of important life lessons you learned from someone as a kid and remember how easy they were to learn and how simple they were to convey by someone who knew, you understand how easy and devastatingly cheap these would be to add to a school curriculum.

For some reason that is hard to rationalize, some parents object to teachers teaching these skills, claiming that it should be the responsibility of the parents. It is, of course, but so few parents know what to teach, and when. So most parents miss the lessons entirely.

The third category of suicide is the one that has impacted so many of us recently with the death of Robin Williams. Robin intended to die that day. For him, life was over. He tried to slit his wrists, failed, likely because he realized how messy it would be for someone who would find him, then chose to hang himself with his belt. He did not intend to fail.

Though many people in this third category who end their lives leave notes of apology, explanation or (rarely) of accusation, Robin did not. Leaving a note is common, but nowhere near universal for type three.

Why did he do it? we ask ourselves and anyone else who will listen. Was it depression, as many claim, something he was known to suffer from? Was it severe financial difficulty or fear of bankruptcy and the shame of failure society visits on those who fail, as he was known to be obsessed with this struggle? Or the future struggles with Parkinson’s Disease with which he had been diagnosed?

Was it his continuing struggle with substance abuse? Not long before he died he had checked himself voluntarily into the rehab facility he has used previously. Were the mind altering substance the cause or effect of depression? No one can be sure.

Individually, these are each reasons or problems which can be solved, that may be overcome. Collectively? No one can be certain.

There is still another cause for depression, suicide, mental illness, even murder and other forms of criminal activity. Continual and unrelenting stress. The push to succeed, to get even better, to make even more money, to be even more successful. That stress, the driving force of capitalism, never ends.

Is there a pinnacle, a platform at the top for those who have reached the ultimate success, a place to rest when you have finally made it? No. The drive to improve never stops. Most people adjust their lives, recognizing that they have had enough, that it is time to ease back before they crack. Given the shocking number of suicides in the entertainment industry and among other leaders of industries, it’s obvious that too many do not make that adjustment.

We read about the suicides among leaders. Rarely do we read about suicides in the military, among teenagers, among the poor, in aboriginal communities. Suicide rates in these groups are nothing short of shocking. Many times the national average in every case.

Robin Williams was not drugged, drunk or likely depressed enough to want enough to die that he would be willing to resort to suicide. So, why?

Suicide is not an act of selfishness. It’s not a matter of thinking only of themselves, nor an act of cowardice or an easy way out of problems, excuses those who know little attribute as causes. The kind of suicide where the person fully intends to die is completely different, something beyond human life experience.

Have you ever been so wrapped up in music you are enjoying that there is no other world around you but you and that music? If you write or think deeply, the rest of the world disappears, there is nothing around you but your thought. You may attach yourself to a character in a movie so much that you live the role in the movie right along with the character. An actor or performer may be so into a performance that there is nothing else to life but that moment, at that moment. You are no longer an observer, but now an integral part of the action.

When a prey animal, or human, knows it is about to die–when the brain is convinced of the inevitability of death–the brain shuts down. The moment of transition from life to afterlife is actually painless. That’s why when you see a mouse dangling from the beak of an owl in flight or a squirrel hanging from the beak or talons of an eagle, they are not wriggling trying to escape as you might expect.

The brain has a mechanism whereby it refuses to accept pain messages, refuses to suffer at that final stage. A person about to die of hypothermia (freezing) is not cold or even afraid as death approaches. Scientific studies have shown that this is when people who have been that close, then came back to tell about it, find themselves “walking toward the light.” Science is so far uncertain of the actual mechanism for this, but lack of blood flow to the brain is the explanation with the most support.

Would science call that state of not being “of this world” depression, as it does the cause for suicide? Science either totally denies the existence or has trouble diagnosing or explaining anything that isn’t broad enough to shoot a gun at from a short distance. I would call it the human spirit separated from the confines of the corporeal body. With suicide–real suicide–the spirit seeks to make that separation permanent. Whether that may be considered a mental illness or something different may depend on whether or not you have had such an experience.

For a person about to end his life (males end their lives much more often than females–there’s an important lesson there), there is no one else in the world. No family, no friends, no neighbours. No one exists but them and “now” at that time. There is no world other than the room the person is in. Most suicides happen indoors, usually at night, in a closed room, where it is quiet, when they are alone. Their whole world is inside their body.

Isn’t that strange? Yes, may it always seem strange to you.

What could you do to prevent a person in this third category from ending their life? That’s a burning question. Intervention is possible with the first two categories as has been demonstrated many times. But the third?

My theory is that a person in the third category can be forced to postpone suicide, but not to avoid it completely. At least not easily. Anyone who can be talked out of it would be in the first category. Short term intervention for someone committed to killing himself will not work. It will only delay the event.

Consider this: if you are in a position to think about ending your life, or even to consider the pain you will suffer in doing so or the mess and distress you will leave for others if you die, you are not a candidate for category three. You may be depressed or you may be normal as almost everyone thinks about ending their life at some point. They don’t do it for a reason. Category three people don’t consider reasons or consequences. They are alone in their world. There is no “other,” “else,” “later” or “future.”

Isn’t it cruel to end an article on such a depressing note (pun unintended)? Let me throw you a rope of hope. Successful suicides in the third category almost always have the person being alone. Never leave a person who may be at risk alone in a room. Never without another person who is awake and paying attention. All the time, 24/7.

A person who is at risk of suicide in this third category will tell you of his intentions, if asked. Most category threes have hinted or told others outright of their intent to end their life. What if he says no, he does not intend to kill himself? No one says you have to believe him. It may seem surprising, but few category threes will lie about their intent.

If you get the person out of his normal environment, away from the usual stresses of his life, for long enough (it may take at least a year), you may be able to cause something in his brain to change enough to alter his life course.

The other alternative would be akin to brainwashing. This would have to be done by a professional, over several successive long days of intensive therapy, non-stop over those days. A regular psychologist or psychiatrist would not know what to do or how to do it. Drugs would not be used because they would prevent voluntary changes within the brain. Finding a person who could do that would be harder than finding a needle in a haystack. But they exist.

I wish I had positive or encouraging suggestions for you if you know or learn of someone in category three. Let me make it even more complicated.

If a person wants to end his life because he can’t get whatever he needs, may not even know what he needs, what are the ethical questions surrounding denying him that right? A person who is “saved” from suicide by persuasion may not get the help and personal care he needs later. Is that ethical?

What is society’s obligation, if any, to someone who wants to end his life? What would your own obligation be? What is right? Each of us must make that decision, if the time comes, and live with the consequences of that choice.

Bill Allin is the author of Turning It Around: Causes and Cures for Today’s Epidemic Social Problems, a book of easily implemented and relatively cheap solutions to problems that plague every community. Suicide is a social problem, likely more of a problem than you are aware of in your own home area.
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