Why Massive Social Unrest Is A Good Thing

Why Massive Social Unrest Is A Good Thing

Godwin’s Law or Godwin’s Law of Nazi Analogies (formulated in 1990) states, roughly, that in any discussion of a controversial subject, sooner or later somebody will make the comparison to Hitler and Nazism. – originator: Mike Godwin, American lawyer and writer (who opposes using logical fallacies, such as Hitler analogies, in arguments)

Everybody is fed up with something these days. Many are fed up with lots of things. Some can’t focus on their own lives because they concentrate so much on what they dislike. For many, just saying the word “occupy” or the number “1%” evokes distaste or ranting.

They’re fed up with government policies that result eventually in extinction of hundreds of species of animals every year.

They’re fed up with taxes. (“What’s the point of working or getting a raise if it just means you have to pay more taxes? I already pay about half my pay in taxes of one sort or another.”)

They’re fed up with government. (“Elected reps are inefficient and corrupt. They feed themselves and starve everybody else.”)

They’re fed up with The System. (1% of us, the super rich, own almost everything and the rest of us 99% are nothing but slaves.”)

They’re fed up with Wall St. or whatever the financial services location is in their country. (“The rich get richer while the rest of us lose our hard-earned money so we can’t afford to retire.”)

They’re fed up hearing about global warming, knowing that the worst polluters are facilities operated by governments themselves and companies they license. And industries supported by governments with grants.

Aircraft are the worst moving polluters of the air, yet governments give hefty loans, grants and tax benefits to aircraft manufacturers who employ lots of people. When deciding between jobs and pollution, governments always choose jobs. In effect, this choice is between health and jobs. People are fed up with that bad choice.

They’re fed up with government who support big corporations, who end up paying zero or almost no tax, while the lowest income earners who can barely afford to survive have to pay heavily, relatively speaking.

People are not so fed up with pollution that threatens to warm the atmosphere by half a degree. They understand that governments give permits that allow industries to emit half a million chemicals into the air they breathe and 300,000 chemicals into the water they drink. They assume that half a degree rise in average temperature is not much and they haven’t died from bad water or air yet. But they are fed up with governments that give the grants that eventually cause poisoning of the air they breathe and the water they drink.

They’re fed up with hydraulic fracturing (known as hydro fracking or just fracking) by natural gas companies that poisons ground water and may cause earthquakes and volcanoes (one of which, in Yellowstone, could destroy almost the whole of the United States if it ever erupts). Jobs again.

They’re fed up with Big Pharma and doctors that keep people sick while filling their own pockets. Cures are rare because that would end the massive income stream.

They’re fed up with GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms, or GEs, Genetically Engineered organisms) that threaten to destroy the health of everyone. People know these exist and proliferate because of corrupt politicians. They’re fed up with vaccines that have been shown through scientific study to cause more harm to health than they have benefits, especially to children.

People are fed up because their very existence is threatened. That makes the survival instinct kick in. So they protest. In some countries it’s the Occupy movement. In others it’s demonstrations that turn into riots, revolutions and the overthrow of governments and dictators.

Why is that good? How could it possibly be good?

Human nature supports the status quo. We dislike change because we don’t know what to expect. We let corporations exploit us and corrupt governments control us beyond what is acceptable by human rights standards of today because we don’t want to cause trouble for ourselves by rocking the boat.

But too many people are now too fed up. When decades of poor health, no jobs and early death face them, they are ready to take action.

Industries have already brought about more changes in one lifetime than have taken place in 16 generations previously. But many of those changes went overboard to further enrich the wealthy and further impoverish the poor. The Middle Class of past generations has now joined the poor. Few can afford to retire at any age before they die.

That makes people want change.

Wealthy industrialists and bankers (a few people control most of the money flow in the world) have bought elected representatives and now manipulate them like puppets. They represent not all voters, but the super rich few.

In what form will the inevitable uprisings occur? In many forms, no doubt. Of this we may be certain, Arab Spring uprisings and even more recent trouble in Ukraine and in Crimea state, if change does not happen soon enough violence can’t be stopped.

We may be certain that the world’s bankers, the ones who have funded every war in recent history–both sides–will not allow change that is against their best interests to happen easily or without a fight. To them, violence, always carried out by lowly “others” is considered nothing more than business as usual.

The people of the world do not want more violence, more wars, more riots. Massive demonstrations begin as peaceful protests and turn violent only when the police or military that are controlled by the government, that is controlled by the elite bankers begin to fire weapons and kill demonstrators. The ones that cause violence are backed by the few with the money, those who have the most to lose if change is forced on their society.

The media, almost entirely owned and controlled by the elite, report demonstrations as “violent” if the police fire weapons or use truncheons. Extremely large demonstrations around the world have often been totally ignored by the media because no violence resulted.

Change is inevitable because the tipping point has been passed. Demonstrations now happen in almost every country of the world, every year. Eventually the leaders in many countries will come together and, standing united, force changes more massive than any seen in human history.

Not only will you be alive to see it, you will be involved, one way or another. This change, this peaceful revolution, will involve almost every person on the planet. You would be wise to be aware if it, even if you do not demonstrate yourself, because your life will be changed as a result of the change.

Bill Allin is the author of Turning It Around: Causes and Cures for Today’s Epidemic Social Problems, a book of inexpensive and easy to implement solutions, especially in education. The coming massive change has been quietly seeded in schools over the past few decades. Learn more at http://billallin.com


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