God Is A Fraud

I cannot imagine a God who rewards and punishes the objects of his
creation, whose purposes are modeled after our own — a God, in short, who
is but a reflection of human frailty.
-Albert Einstein, physicist, Nobel laureate (1879-1955)

In my search for God over the past several decades I have concluded that evidence exists all over our planet that the deity people have tried to teach me about is a fraud.

I have also concluded that people who believe in their God do so fervently. Even those who have doubts will firm their beliefs up quickly if someone presents a formidable argument that God is a myth invented by needy people and hucksters who want to make money off gullible believers. Nothing confirms the belief in God by doubters more than finding someone who bad mouths the God they aren’t sure about.

Two problems present themselves forcibly to my mind that suggest that God–the God of religions, whichever one that may be– is nothing more than a convenient invention. First is that those who most strenuously preach the rules of their religion–those who dictate what is sin and what is not–tend to be sinners against their own rules when the facade is torn away. The hypocrisy of the legislators of sin being devout sinners under the skin repels me.

The second problem I have with the concepts of God that many people hold is the contradiction and hypocrisy of the believers. The hypocrisy part is similar to the legislators of sin being sinners themselves, only this latter example involves the practitioners of the religion rather than it leaders. They simply don’t follow the rules they supposedly subscribe to.

Contradictions abound in the monotheistic religions. God is a vengeful God, but he wants us to be peaceful. God is a peaceful God until he wants his followers to go to war and to die if necessary to defend the faith. Defend it from what is never spoken, never asked, never answered, because faith cannot be killed unless every last believer is annihilated.

Some say that God punishes sinners for every sinful act they commit. The same believers will claim that their own particular sins are forgiven because Jesus (or some other prophet) died that their sins may be forgiven. Convenient.

Some actually believe (and can quote Revelations as evidence) that they can sin abundantly for their whole lives, then repent and be saved on their deathbeds and still be admitted into heaven.

Even the concept of heaven is absurdly contradictory. To Christians heaven is a place of eternal bliss, usually only available to devout and pure Christians, and sometimes their beloved pets. The Christian heaven is as boring as I could imagine, surely a kind of hell itself where every bit of intellectual strength I have gained throughout my life will be lost through atrophy because the inmates have nothing to think about.

The Muslim heaven must be populated by an uncountable number of prostitutes because Muslim suicide bombers are promised 72 of them each when they reach the Pearly Gates. Female bombers, by the way, are greeted by male prostitutes. Islam is not consistent about whether these prostitutes are created by Allah just in time for the arrival of a new bomber or whether they were once occupants of terra firma.

Judaism spends so little time on the concept of heaven that many Jews are not clear about what heaven is. Jews are supposed to focus on being good on earth and leave important stuff like the afterlife to God. This would seem to work except for the fact that Jewish intellectuals and students spend countless hours debating how to interpret the words of their holy books. How can everyone follow what is debated so ferociously?

The point here, as stated in Einstein’s quote, is that people have invented their respective God with human characteristics. Step back from that a moment and consider the absurdity. Believers agree that God is perfect, but present evidence in holy books that God has as many failures and foibles as any foolish human.

Atheists have disavowed anything to do with God or the religions that invented God. Yet it’s not God they don’t believe exists, but the contradictory, hypocritical and nonsensical God that devout believers believe in. What atheists don’t believe exists is the God that religions have invented.

Interestingly, my personal experience and that of many others I have spoken to on the subject suggests that atheists tend to live more wholesome and beneficial lives than religionists who believe the atheists are sinners.

Every religion has some good in it. Every devout believer also has some good. The evidence for these conclusions is easy to see if we remove our prejudicial spectacles.

What most people who claim to believe in God seem to miss is the evidence for God that exists all around them. That kind of evidence would stand up in a court of law if the challenge were to show evidence beyond doubt.

Now you would like me to deliver that evidence into your waiting hands.

Open your eyes. Open your ears. Resensitize your taste, touch and smell.

Begin to pay real attention to real events that can’t be proven by science but for which an abundance of evidence exists. Some of it in book form. Just look for it. Believing or concluding anything from a position of ignorance doesn’t make sense.

Learn about life, especially in its finest detail. The more you learn about life, especially how systems relate to each other within one larger system (a human body, a plant or anything in the physical world) the more you must ask yourself if this all could have happened by accident.

Godless evolutionists claim that everything that happens can be explained by laws of nature. Not a single one of them will attempt to explain why those laws exist or how they happen to fit together so immaculately well. There is no more reason for natural laws to exist than for matter and energy to exist. Natural laws don’t prove anything, they only explain phenomena.

Every single thing that we know exists continues to exist even when it transforms. That is, energy can become mass or can change to another form of energy, but it never disappears. Your body will transform when it dies. No physical part of it will disappear, ever.

Are you thinking about this? Do you have a personality? Can anything you know about the physics of the human body explain either the ability to think rationally or the existence of personality? Only by stretching reality into the realm of mythology or fantasy.

One natural law is conservation. Just as mass and energy can never disappear (nor can dark matter or dark energy, so far as anyone knows), so too the personality that became you cannot disappear just because your body wears out and transforms.

No one can even say for certain that your thoughts happen within your brain, though some electrical activity certainly happens there when you think. Electricity travels around the outside of an electrical wire, not through it. Nature has an energy travelling beside (outside of) mass, not inside of it.

Is it impossible to imagine that the personality that is you exists beyond the limits of your skin and clothing? Have you not felt sometimes that someone was staring at you from behind. Can you not sometimes feel the presence of someone in a room? Have you ever expected someone to call you, then the phone rings and that person speaks? Nothing in natural law can explain those phenomena that most people have experienced.

It’s hard to imagine that your personality may be defined 100 percent within the confines of your body, and its activity can be accounted for by the actions of your muscles, nerves and brain.

If you want to find God, don’t look in a book or listen to someone tell you their version of God. You can find God yourself. Just don’t look to someone who stands to make a profit by convincing you of something to explain God to you. That’s a conflict of interest.

Look and learn. The more you learn, the more God will reveal himself to you.

Bill Allin
‘Turning It Around: Causes and Cures for Today’s Epidemic Social Problems,’ a book for adults to learn how they came to have the personalities they have and to help parents and teachers teach children what they need to develop fully in all ways.
Learn more at http://billallin.com


9 thoughts on “God Is A Fraud

  1. Just like what is currently considered science, say for the last few hundred years, has very many specifics which one must grasp theoretically and practically in a mostly materialistic way, our ancients, say over the last few millenia, distilled certain essential elements of their experience, mostly what we today call spiritual experience. Due to closed minds giving themselves the power of regulating general behaviour, in honesty, even their own behaviour, and hence giving rise to dogmas, much of relevant spiritual specifics have got discredited, while much of material specifics, what we call modern science, has been overinterpreted. Openmindedness and tolerance as opposed to dogma and insistence will lead to a unification of our material and spiritual culture into a whole, a cure for today’s epidemic social condition.

  2. I personally don’t claim that God Itself didn’t exist, however, only in case that IT did it, didn’t do it, was there bad news with & from me, if it was not Itself, it was Its ‘Hobby,’ a woman, right now a symbol & a repetition of my ‘famous’ fact that I meanwhile do well to ‘testify’ to being happy to exist as a totally honest man, forever to be, an honesty, only The Corrupt can call an envy, (unfortunately my labor thing that doesn’t sound irrelevant of me), so that I can of course become & believe in & so on, greetings, ‘J.A.,’ Chile, here my phone, for any good labor purpose: 00562 548 29 31, note: Only your labor lawyer does best to call me, & people trend to misunderstand, what my honesty is, if that’s my ‘big’ case, it’s a thing, I still don’t give into any idea, whatsoever that I can count on to exist as any ‘relevant’ compromise of mine.

  3. Furthermore, if God really DID exist, Its ‘Good’ News was so far & meanwhile a bad idea that IT didn’t oblige me that I could count on to be any case of mine, greetings, ‘J.A.,’ even if Anyone, e.g. ‘J.U.,’ Australia, called me whatever ‘t-t.,’ an issue, the one didn’t convince me of any idea, whatsoever that I could call my relevant labor compromise!

  4. God exists only to account for the nature of things. What most people don’t understand is that total knowledge cannot be attained in a single act, rather in a step by step piecemeal manner known as evolution, with each step of development determining what the next stage will be, we haven’t got the all of the answers yet but in time we will, God is not an answer for where does he come from, if believers claim that he has always existed, then why can’t the same be said about the universe

  5. That’s exactly, where you’re wrong about your own existence, Aries & yet able to make an unwanted mistake about, how Itself, God, looks
    at Us Both, because IT treats Us like a ‘sought’ work compromise, that’s all, IT ever respects, even if you’re against me being honest about it, because I’ve already become aware of it, gotten away with it, so I can find out & so on, greetings, ‘J.A.,’ guitartie@yahoo.ie, any work suggestions, please, e.g. The Buddhism?

  6. its funny how people can speak for this so called God. lol. very funny. and be serious about it as well. lol. wow

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